– Accounting;
– Payroll accounting;
– Holiday accounting and accounting;
– Accounting of fixed assets;
– Debt accounting;
– Preparation of payment orders;
– Calculation and recording of taxes;
– Abandoned bookkeeping;
– Accounting and financial management consultancy;
– Drawing up and recording of purchase and sales documents;
– Cash register preparation and registration;
– Personnel accounting (preparation of employment contracts, certificates, orders, applications, etc.)
– Bank documents registration;
– Preparation of annual financial statements;
– Representation of client’s interests during the audit;
– Preparation of declarations for clients and representation in Tax inspection, Centre of Registers, etc .;
– Representation of clients (Tax inspection, Centre of Registers, etc.);
– Filling in personal income tax returns;
– We advise on various financial issues.

Benefits of the service:

  • Cost Efficiency – You won’t have to keep an expensive employee and cover all the costs involved;
  • Experience – our accountants have many years of experience in a variety of business areas, from services to manufacturing;
  • Security – Our well-designed computer network infrastructure allows our customers to feel at ease. At the end of each business day, we back up all files and store them on backup servers;
  • Convenience – We invest in one of the most convenient and advanced accounting software to make our clients ‘and ours’ work comfortable and productive

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