Migration by investment

A foreign citizen holding a national visa (D) may enter the Republic of Lithuania and stay in the country up to 12 months. There are a single-entry and multiple-entry national visas. A single-entry visa (D) is issued to a person who has been granted temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania. A multi-entry visa is granted for a people who come to study, work or to engage in legal activities in Lithuania.

– Multi-entry national visa (D) allows its holder to travel in and out of Schengen country
– Multi-entry national visa (D) allows its holder to travel throughout the whole Schengen Area without any additional visas
– Opportunity to bring family together
– The application procedure is highly efficient, within 1 month
– There is a high approval rate if all criteria are met
– The whole process can be done remotely without coming to Lithuania
– Valid for 1 year with opportunity to extend it

– Owning a company not older than 1 year
– Company’s share capital not less than 28,000 Eur

– 5% profit tax for micro companies (turnover up to 300,000 Eur per year)
– 15% profit tax for most of the companies (turnover over 300,000 Eur per year)
– 21% VAT (value added tax) rate

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