Company liquidation

Company liquidation in Lithuania is the process of winding up a company’s operations, settling its debts and distributing its assets among stakeholders. The liquidation of a company may be initiated due to several reasons such as financial difficulties, insolvency, change in ownership, merger or acquisition, etc.

The liquidation process in Lithuania can be a complex and time-consuming process, but we at New Office can help you throughout the liquidation and ensure that the process is carried out fast and correctly

– We will prepare all required documents and submit them to the authorities and liquidate the company
– During the liquidation process, we will represent you at the Registry Center, Sodra and local municipality
– We will perform a tax assessment, which will show what tax liabilities will arise when the company is liquidated
– We will coordinate the entire process of your company’s liquidation

Company’s liquidation might take 3 to 8 months

– 850 Eur + VAT for the liquidation service
The price does not include accounting, courier services or document archiving.

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