Apostille and document legalization

An apostille is a certificate verifying the authenticity of a public document. We provide a comprehensive range of apostille services in Lithuania, including:

  • Authentication of legal documents, such as company extracts, incorporation documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic degrees, for use in foreign countries.
  • Assistance with obtaining an apostille for documents that have been issued in Lithuania, including notarized documents, court orders, and corporate documents.
  • Verification of foreign documents that require an apostille for use in Lithuania.
  • Ordering corporate documents, such as extract, articles of incorporation, bylaws and shareholder list.
  • Translation of apostilled documents to any foreign language, certified by the notary.

In cases where the country of destination does not recognize the Hague Convention or where additional legalization is required, we offer document legalization services in Lithuania. Our team has extensive experience in handling the legalization of a variety of legal documents, including:

  • Corporate documents, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and powers of attorney.
  • Personal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and passports.
  • Educational documents, such as academic transcripts and diplomas.
  • Translation of legalized documents to any foreign language, certified by the notary.

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